Welcome to Lit Up: A Founder’s Journey.

A show about the entrepreneurial pioneers of the Modern Cannabis Industry and the Organizations they are building.

Each episode features the founder themself, sharing their life’s journey, that inspired the entrepreneur within to create the most impactful ideas in Modern Cannabis.

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Brain Weber, Producer and Host Lit Up: A Founder’s Journey

Brian Weber, Producer & Host of Lit Up: A Founder’s Journey

With an entrepreneurial father, and a life-long fascination with entrepreneurs, Brian took the leap himself 13 years ago to start his first company, The Digital Life, partnering with Apple to consult with small businesses on how to leverage technology.

Through his current company, Digital Realty, Brian has been a technology and business consultant to the Retail and Hospitality Industries for the past 8 years; selling, implementing, training, and supporting business IT systems.

In researching the Cannabis Industry, he was fascinated in seeing what the entrepreneurs were building this new Modern Cannabis Industry.  With his experience as an entrepreneur, his passion for entrepreneurship, some background in broadcast radio, and a love for amazing medium of podcasts; all converged to create the spark moment that spawned Lit Up: A Founder’s Journey.

I hope you enjoy!

Brian holds a BS In Management Science & Information System from Rutgers Business School. He currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey with his dog Zeke.