002 - Matthew Kutch of Woah Flow on Choosing Dispensary Technology pt 1 - Lit Up Founders

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002 - Matthew Kutch of Woah Flow on Choosing Dispensary Technology pt 1

Technology plays a big roll in running a dispensary. Inventory Management, Compliance Reporting, and the Actual Selling, amongst others, all rely on the technology the owners choose. Making the right decision can have a big impact on the success of the dispensary. Those decisions can be very daunting, especially for those who are not techies. In this episode Matthew discusses his background, growing up in a family business, starting his first business, to his eventual decision to start a Cannabis Dispensary in New Jersey's Capital. Matt lays out his thought process for reviewing IT Companies, hiring Consultants, and making those big decisions in the first part of a series of interviews with Matt. Matthew Kutch, CEO of Woah Flow in Trenton, NJ. www.woahflow.com www.instagram.com/woah.flow Matt's Favorite Cannabis Trade Shows: MJBizCon: www.cwcbexpo.com Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition: https://mjbizconference.com Brian Weber, Host, Lit Up, Big Ideas in Cannabis Technology & Innovationwww.litupcannabis.com www.facebook.com/LitUpCannaTech www.instagram.com/LitUpCannaTech twitter.com/LitUpCannaTech linkedin.com/in/briancweber/ linkedin.com/company/litupmedia

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Brian Weber

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Through his current company, Digital Realty, Brian has served the retail industry as technology and business consultant for the past 8 years; selling, implementing, training, and supporting retail Omnichannel technologies.

In researching the Cannabis Industry, largely because of its Federal status and history in the US, he was fascinated in seeing what the entrepreneurs were building. With his experience as an entrepreneur, supporting entrepreneurship, some background in broadcast radio, and a love for amazing medium of podcasts (especially "How I built this" by Guy Raz); all converged to create the spark moment that spawned Lit Up Founders. I hope you enjoy!

Brian holds a B.S. in Management Science & Information Systems from Rutgers University Business School. He currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey with his dog Zeke.