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Episode 4

Connecting Brands To Dispensaries With Zach Silverman of LeafLink

"It's challenging for Cannabis Brands to efficiently connect with Dispensaries. This is especially true for smaller and startup brands with limited resources to spend on the traditional sales and fulfillment process. Getting the brand message and product benefits to store associates can make or break a Products, and potentially a Brands success. In turn, Brands getting product feedback, is traditionally rare and anecdotal at best. Since launching in 2016, LeafLink has helped Thousands of cannabis brands and thousands of cannabis retailers save time on wholesale ordering, so they can focus on what matters most to their business. As the largest online marketplace for wholesale cannabis, LeafLink provides a suite of products including: CRM, Ordering, Reporting, Fulfillment & Shipping Management. I’m your host, Brian Weber. On this episode we’re welcoming Zach Silverman Co-Founder & CTO of LeafLink. Prior to co-founding LeafLink, Zach was the technical co-founder at ReachLogic, which was acquired in 2014. He brings 10 years of software engineering experience at leading tech companies, including eBay and Limewire, to LeafLink as Chief Technology Officer. LeafLink, the cannabis industry’s wholesale marketplace, has raised $51 million in investor capital. The platform went live in Colorado in March 2016 and now has more than 4000 retailers placing orders from over 1300 brands across 25 territories. In February 2018, LeafLink was the first company in the cannabis space to make Fast Company’s list of Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Enterprise." Zach Silverman, Co-Founder & CTO LeafLink: Brian Weber, Host, Lit Up, Big Ideas in Cannabis Technology & Innovation Listen to the episode on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or on your favorite podcast platform.

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Brian Weber

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Through his current company, Digital Realty, Brian has served the retail industry as technology and business consultant for the past 9 years; empowering retailers with technology.

In researching the Cannabis Industry he was fascinated in seeing what the entrepreneurs were building in a, and because of, the Federal illegal status. With his experience as an entrepreneur, supporting entrepreneurship, some background in broadcast radio, and a love for amazing medium of podcasts (especially "How I built this" by Guy Raz); all converged to create the spark moment that spawned Lit Up Founders. I hope you enjoy!

Brian holds a B.S. in Management Science & Information Systems from Rutgers University Business School. He is currently seeking Product Manager / Partner Manager / Account Executive positions in Cannabis Retail Technology & Payments. He currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey with his dog Zeke.