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Episode 6

Creating a trusted curated CBD Marketplace with Beryl Solomon of Poplar

Today we welcome Beryl Solomon, who shares her candid journey of the challenges she faced in researching natural remedies to improve her health and wellness. This journey inspired her to create the experience she wanted, but didn't exist. Applying her skills from a 15 year career in fashion, leaving her position as CEO of a fashion startup, to create Poplar, self described as the “Net-a-Porter” of legal cannabis. Currently selling online a curated assortment of premium hemp derived CBD and accessories.

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Lit Up Founders
A show about the entrepreneurial pioneers of the Modern Cannabis Industry and the Organizations they are building. Each episode features the founder themself, sharing their journey in creating the most impactful ideas in Modern Cannabis.

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Brian Weber

Producer & Host of Lit Up Founders.

Through his current company, Digital Realty, Brian has served the retail industry as technology and business consultant for the past 9 years; empowering retailers with technology.

In researching the Cannabis Industry he was fascinated in seeing what the entrepreneurs were building in a, and because of, the Federal illegal status. With his experience as an entrepreneur, supporting entrepreneurship, some background in broadcast radio, and a love for amazing medium of podcasts (especially "How I built this" by Guy Raz); all converged to create the spark moment that spawned Lit Up Founders. I hope you enjoy!

Brian holds a B.S. in Management Science & Information Systems from Rutgers University Business School. He is currently seeking Product Manager / Partner Manager / Account Executive positions in Cannabis Retail Technology & Payments. He currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey with his dog Zeke.