Eric Schnell, Co-Founder & CEO, mood33

Before Eric Schnell was actually Eric, he attended Woodstock… in utero. Raised by his hippie parents in the Boston area; his early years were in an Ashram. The respect for our bodies, animals, and the Earth, were values embedded early, and consistently, in his life. Seeds for becoming an entrepreneur were planted early on too: Once, as a punishment, his Mom withheld allowance; his 8 year old self was so upset by this, he vowed to never be dependent on anyone else for money again. During his time at Northeastern, Eric turned what started as promoting fraternity parties, into a $200,000/year income, all before graduating! After a stint as a broker dealer on Wall Street, he needed a change.

With his ability to promote, he pivoted back to his root values, taking a position at a family run natural supplement company; trading a Rolex for a Feather Duster. That early venture led to his entrance into the ultra competitive Beverage Industry. With early succes, and many ups and downs to follow, he eventually started Beyond Brands: An Incubator and Accelerator to launch Mission Driven brands including mood33. This first foray into the Cannabis Market brought a whole new set of challenges and lessons to be learned.

Eric Schnell, Co-Founder & CEO of mood33 has an amazing Founder’s Journey, I hope you enjoy it!

Eric Schnell, Professional Summary:
Some might call him a socialpreneur. Others, a food & beverage visionary. No matter the title, Eric has been a natural product industry pioneer for over 20 years and counting. With diverse experience in sales, marketing and new product launches, Eric enjoys taking ideas from scratch and turning them into viable businesses that make a global impact, through the game changing brands and consulting agency he founded, BeyondBrands. Currently disrupting the beverage side of the hemp industry as CEO of mood33 CBD infused teas, he previously served as co-founder of Steaz, a leading organic tea brand that was strategically acquired in 2016 as well as a member of Runa tea which was successfully sold in 2018. He is the co-founder of Good Catch, the world’s first plant-based seafood brand as well proud recipient of the 2007 “Sustainable Business of the Year Award”, 6-time Annual Winner of the BevNET.com and Beverage Digest “Best Product of the Year Award”, a Top 50 Beverage World Disruptor and is an active Nutrition Capital Network Selection Committee Member.

mood33, Company Summary:
“At mood33™, we’re passionate plant activists bringing you the synergistic superpowers of all the beneficial hemp plant nutrients in a convenient, natural beverage – mindfully sweetened to create six totally bliss-inducing, fruit-forward flavors. We customize each of our herbal tea blends with powerful botanicals carefully selected to harmonize with hemp and take you where you choose to feel in the moment – whether it’s more Joy, Peace, Calm, Energy, Passion or Wellbeing.

With 33mg of Full Spectrum Hemp extract per bottle, you get more of the good feelings and positive vibes of hemp than any beverage out there – like a full body massage at the cellular level. And our proprietary mood33 technology offers you increased bioavailability and fast-absorption, so you quickly feel the effects. It’s a way better way to enjoy hemp – in the mood that’s right for you, right now.”

Show Notes:

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Eric Schnell, Co-Founder & CEO, mood33

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