Christopher E. Galvin, Founder & CEO, Hypur

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Builders are masters at process. They see the big picture, they deconstruct, they learn, they rebuild it better. From his childhood playing with Legos, to building service businesses as a young adult, and huge pivot to Wall Street building deals; Christopher Galvin loves to learn and build. A very successful early career earned him retirement in Scottsdale at only 42! It wasn’t long before Christopher got the urge to build again. He wanted to solve a big problem.

Actual bags of cash. That was the symptom of the big problem facing legal Cannabis businesses, regulators, and financial institutions. They themselves weren’t sure of the rules and what that solution needed to be. Christopher found his big problem to solve. He knew to lean in, to learn processes, to learn everyone’s needs, to ask better questions to get better answers. That gave him, and this team, the foresight to anticipate and become a thought leader. Hypur was the company they built to solve those problems and is now an industry leader in Cannabis Compliance & Payments. 

Please enjoy the Founder’s Journey of Hypur Founder & CEO, Christopher Galvin.

Professional Summary:

Christopher E. Galvin founded and served as CEO and Chairman of several public and private companies. He began his career in investment banking – focusing on mergers and acquisitions and structured finance – and has deep experience in corporate finance, hedge fund, and private equity strategies. Christopher guides the strategic direction of Hypur, as well as finance initiatives and serves as chairman of the partner team.

Company Summary:

Since 2014, Hypur has been solving compliant banking and payment problems for high-risk and cash-intensive industries by providing solutions to businesses without access to traditional payment systems, or when traditional payment systems aren’t a good fit. Hypur Pay® is an electronic payment platform designed for the cannabis industry working directly from your bank account. Hypur Pay® features contactless payments and can be integrated into applications for in-store, order-ahead, delivery, online, and business-to-business payments. The biggest brands in cannabis trust Hypur® because they are the leading provider of compliance and payment technology to the industry. Download the consumer app for in-store purchases, or visit hypur.com to learn how Hypur can help your business. 

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Hypur Press Page: https://www.hypur.com/press/

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Christopher Galvin, Co-Founder & CEO, Hypur

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